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A Detailed Guided trekking, is the best ways to connect with nature.

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trekking tips
  • Bring copies of your passport

    Bring your passport or at least have a photo of it ready to go on your cell phone. If you’re a foreign national entering India, you should keep your international travel document in the form of national passport with a valid visa.

  • Always have local cash

    It always good to have cash in your hand, if you are a foreign national then it is very necessary to keep change of your currency.

  • Get guidebooks

    A trekking guidebook is needed to motivate yourself of courage and you have a prior information among their location their locality, by the guidebook you can easily know the roadmap, because of low batteries guidebook is very helpful and it is light weighted.

  • Take a Medical Check-up

    It is always advisable to have a full medical check-up, before planning any trip. Always consults your physicians and informed about the altitude you will recovered for best health tips and carry a medical kit with basic medicine with you.

  • Bring your Camera

    Going for a trek is an adventure, the mesmerizing nature, the environment describes an amazing feeling and for capturing each moment one shot is needed. Carry your best clicking camera with you to take every shot of nature with you.

  • Power bank

    On the mountain you have noticed that there is absence of power plug point where you can easily charge your phone or camera. For that you should carry our power bank with you to recharging your device anytime anywhere.

  • Types of Clothing

    Minimum two trek pants: - One pair of clothes is enough for the trek, but is not bad to carry one pair extra in case the first one gets wet, then we need another too, so wear one pair and carry one pair with you for emergency.

  • Best Footwear

    You should have climbed high and jogged in rocks and slippery mountain, make sure that you have a good quality shoes with sufficient ankle support, but make sure they are not too high either as they may irritate the muscles above your ankle and you feel painful.

  • Cellular Connectivity

    It is recommended that carry your pre-paid sim with you because in the hilly area or the mountain some where there is no coverage area for post-paid sim, so carry Prepaid SIM.

  • Train Yourself to Walk

    Before going for any trek, practice to take up walking, so that your heels get used to taking the weight of your whole body for long time, practice to walking with your bag packs, so keep your routine regular and constant don’t skip it.

  • Important Equipment

    Make a list of all the necessary equipment that is important for trek, like running shoes, woollen clothes, sun glasses, walking poles etc. while you have option of buying or renting gear equipment but it is good if these things are already with you.

  • Store enough food and Water

    It is suggested that keep some store food, protein bars, ready-to-eat-snacks and energy drink with you.

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